Study: The Future of Retirement Pension

What will the pension system look like in the next 10 to 15 years? What are the challenges for life insurance companies and pension funds? Our current study, "Die Zukunft der Altervorsorge" in cooperation with the Versicherungsforen Leipzig, defines possible future developments on the basis of sociocultural, political, economic, technological and regulatory influencing factors and divides these developments into six possible future scenarios. Representatives from business, politics and science used this information as a basis to assess the future environment of the retirement pension and the market. The need for action in the individual stages of the value chain was then determined in discussions with representatives from business, politics and science.

Six possible future scenarios for the retirement pensionSix possible future scenarios for the retirement pension (Source:, Study "Die Zukunft der Altersvorsorge”)

End customers view the topic of the retirement pension with skepticism

In a second step, 300 end customers were questioned about the challenges of retirement pension. The result: The topic is fraught with many fears and associated with confidence in the state. End customers are aware of the need to make provisions for old age and consider themselves to be well-informed. However, a detailed examination reveals gaps that contradict this statement to a certain extent. Although the insurance industry is perceived as the point of contact for this topic, it is viewed with skepticism. There is a need for transparent and independent information.

Consumer survey on the subject retirement pension
Consumer survey on the subject retirement pension (Source:, Study "Die Zukunft der Altersvorsorge”)


Scoring with flexibility

The anticipated market environment, the requirements of the end customers and the identified impacts lead to a common conclusion – the need for flexibility. Flexible products and services will be in demand in the future and will determine the success or failure of a company. In addition to this need, the study provides further recommendations for action in the following areas: sales, customers, capital and performance management, policy processing and management, product development and management, IT and data management.


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