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Certified training for users of the in|sure Ecosphere

Certified training for users of the in|sure Ecosphere

The introduction of new software does not only present insurance companies with special challenges. Especially when switching to new systems for the core processes in insurance operations, the following aspects are of crucial importance:

  1. How can I ensure that my project team members are productive quickly when introducing new software? Every day that employees familiarize themselves with the new software independently or on the job with the service provider ties up capacity and delays the project. As a rule, knowledge transfer also only takes place in the spotlight of the specific topic and the employee rarely receives an overall view of the software with this approach. If the teams are instead professionally accompanied in advance and provided with in-depth knowledge regarding the independent adaptation of the software, not only does satisfaction increase, but the costs also fall. The project team is simply productive faster due to the shortened training period.
  1. How do I make myself as independent as possible from the software provider in order to implement individual adjustments as independently and cost-effectively as possible? Increasing customer independence in implementation projects goes hand in hand with falling costs for external services and strengthens the above-mentioned satisfaction of the project team. The goal should always be to help customers make adjustments on their own by giving them a lot of background knowledge about the software and where they can find more in-depth information.

With our new seminar offer, we provide our customers with exactly that: to be productive quickly and, above all, to be independent at short notice.

The in|sure Academy is launched

The in|sure Academy, created by our Managing Director Oliver von Ameln and Oliver Hehlert, Division Manager Health Insurance Claims, has been available to our customers since July 2021 with seminars on all aspects of the in|sure Ecosphere.

Three things are very special here:

  1. The contents take into account the individual needs of the employees. Depending on the focus of the employees, each product can be booked either as a professional or technical seminar. For example, it may make sense to attend both seminars if technical background is relevant to the technology.

  2. The seminars are designed as trainings, not as slide lectures. An outstanding quality of the training, both professionally and didactically, is our ultimate goal. With Anke Haberland as the organizational manager of the Academy, we have brought an experienced trainer on board who, together with the product experts, ensures that the quality of the training meets our high standards. The demanding contents are conveyed and developed in a comprehensible, practical manner and with a lot of interaction between the participants. The seminars are led by our experts who have been trained as trainers beforehand. Before the seminars officially go live, they also go through an internal quality process.
  1. The in|sure academy stands for quality, therefore, every seminar results in a certification.
    In order to guarantee the objectivity of the examination in the long term, the in|sure Academy has decided to use an external service provider who carries out the examinations in a standardized and independent manner. The official certificate at the end of the seminar serves as proof of qualification for the employees and offers them added value for their future professional life. Examination and certification are included in the price of each seminar.

The concrete offer of the in|sure Academy

Every employee starts with the Foundation Level, which - intended as a basis - can be worked on alone and independently at any time in the online format. It covers all important topics and aspects concerning the project procedure as well as technical adjustments and the documentation of projects. The Foundation Level ensures a uniform level of knowledge of the project participants and is obligatory for further seminars.

Building on this, the in|sure Academy will offer Advanced Level seminars starting in the 1st quarter of 2022, which can be put together according to individual product requirements and orientation (specialist/technical).

To meet further demand for more in-depth content, the Expert Level will be launched in 2023, with planning starting in Q4 2022.

You would like to learn more about our in|sure Academy? Our colleague Anke Haberland will be happy to help you.


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