Insurance software on a USB stick?

The days when complex B2B software could be installed from a USB stick are over. This development is due to a variety of reasons: first and foremost, USB sticks do not offer the same flexibility in terms of storage requirements and delivery time, and delivery via USB stick is more susceptible to errors.

In order to describe how adesso insurance solutions software is delivered, it is important to know how our in|sure Ecosphere products are structured.

An in|sure product consists of three layers:

  • in|sure framework
  • in|sure core product
  • in|sure customized product

All parts of the in|sure code are included in in|sure Framework, which is used in all in|sure products in different lines of business. For example, the framework implements the generators that generate Java code from EMF-core models.

In the in|sure core products, which are based on the in|sure framework, the line-of-business specific implementation of an in|sure product, such as in|sure Pslife Core, takes place as the base product for our life insurance policy management system. This base product is provided to the customer via a mirror to a repository manager. This is the conventional way to deliver EcoSphere software.

The customer "pulls" the licensed artifacts of the in|sure core product and our professional services staff, including developers and mathematicians, helps the customer develop the custom layer. This results in the creation of installable artifacts, which customers can run on their infrastructure at different stages.

In-house operation or service

Before implementing any software, the question should be asked whether Software-as-a-Service would be a better option! Because in-house "operation" entails a certain level of complexity that presents an insurance company with the question: Should we invest a large amount of resources in the complex issue of operation, or isn't it smarter to concentrate on our core business and leave the "operation" to specialized service providers as part of a SaaS model.

Insurance Software as a Service

Software as a Service is an operating scenario in which insurers do not host and operate in|sure Ecosphere software themselves, but instead, the products are made available via specific tunnels and the customer accesses their EcoSphere software via the Internet. Software thus becomes a service. More specifically: the insurance company is simply provided with a URL, user name and password. This allows employees to log in to the licensed software.

Insurance products and rates are modeled at adesso insurance solutions. In this way, adesso insurance solutions takes over the responsibility from the third layer, the customer-specific product. adesso also installs and operates the application in the cloud.

Cloud solutions are an important factor in successfully driving the digital transformation. In particular, SaaS and cloud-based infrastructure services are the method of choice for meeting the challenges of digitalization. If you want to learn more, please get in touch with our expert Karsten Schmitt, Head of Business Development at adesso insurance solutions.

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