Between the lecture hall and the professional world – part 1: marketing

Many students think it is important to gather relevant work experience through a job in addition to their studies. And that is not just to earn some extra money, but rather also to find out what job and employer are the right match. We have several student employees at adesso insurance solutions as well. Sonja reports in our blog about her impressions as a student worker in the marketing and communication department.

Working in addition to your studies, learning and your bachelor or master thesis? That is not always easy. I was lucky, because I ended up at adesso insurance solutions; an employer who offers you a lot of freedom and flexibility as a student worker. This makes it possible to successfully juggle the two. In the following, I would like to report on what these are and what else you can expect here:

The beginning – application, welcome days and training

I have been working in the marketing department at adesso insurance solutions as a student employee since May 2018. Back then I deliberately applied for the position in marketing, because in addition to the theoretical part of my studies, I also wanted to gather practical experience in this area. The application process itself was very well organized so there was not much time between my application, an interview and the acceptance.

During my first weeks as a new employee, the first event was already planned: the Welcome Days. These are there to get to know the other new colleagues, to get an initial impression of the company, the procedures and activities and to get to know your new working environment. Shortly after this I had my training by an experienced colleague in the marketing and communication department. I thought it was positive that there was always enough time for my questions and for gaining deeper knowledge of certain topics with the help of other colleagues as well. And it was never a problem if I didn't have any prior knowledge about certain topics. Because a majority of the abilities you need here you are simply taught during training.

Fresh fruit, employee events and foosball for good spirits

Something positive that stood out to me was the friendly and informal setting throughout the entire company and the pleasant atmosphere. From the friendly greeting in the morning at the front desk, to nice conversations in the kitchen and evening events together: the attitude in the company is great and you have the feeling of being welcome from the beginning on. Even as a student. Because you are not seen as "just" a student here, but rather as a full-fledged member of the team. Even as a student, you are always invited to all the team events, celebrations or workshops. And it doesn't matter if you are a student or a manager, everyone is on a first name basis. The pleasant working conditions are also worth mentioning. Whether football, the roof terrace or free drinks, fruit and snacks, you feel appreciated and in good hands even when you are not currently in the middle of work.

From social media to Christmas presents

If the atmosphere is good, then the work is directly much easier to do. But not just the employees and work are diverse and varied, my tasks as a student employee in the marketing department are as well: a big share of my work consists of maintaining social media channels and website maintenance. Apart from this, I am also able to work in all areas of the marketing department as needed. I help wherever support is needed. From researching suitable advertising to writing blog articles for the website, everything is possible. For example, I helped with the creation of the digital employee advent calendar during the Christmas season and supported colleagues with wrapping customer presents. Through the diversity of my tasks, I was able to obtain comprehensive insight into the daily work and the challenges of the marketing department from the very beginning. Because even as a student employee, I was included in most processes or kept up to date during regular meetings.

Freedom, responsibility and development

Due to the trust they have in students and the responsibility that you can take on in certain projects, you can have valuable experiences and develop both professionally and personally. But there is always the possibility to bring in yourself and your ideas and this is gladly seen. Nevertheless, you always have the option to get help from an experienced colleague if you are having problems or questions. Despite all of this responsibility, you neither feel the pressure nor control when completing tasks or experience strict hierarchies. Because you are given a lot of freedom contextually with the design and implementation of the work. The division of work days and hours, for example, is very flexible so that you can reduce or increase your weekly hours depending on the situation and demands. Of course, always in agreement with colleagues and superiors. Due to this flexibility, it was always easy for me to combine my studies and work with each other. At the same time, however, you are responsible for your own development and you have the option of setting concentrations or taking on other areas and topics.

School and job? My conclusion

I have been at adesso insurance solutions as a working student for around a year and have always felt welcome and not overwhelmed throughout this time. In my opinion, it is a very good chance to enter the professional world and to prepare for what awaits after school. I am happy that I was able to have some of my experiences now and not later when I "really" start working. This prepares you for future challenges.

That is why I think adesso insurance solutions is a company with interesting perspectives and diverse development possibilities in particular for students and it is definitely worth taking a look into the professional world during your course of studies. I was personally able to gain a lot of valuable practical experience and I believe that you can equally master your studies and work at adesso insurance solutions if you are well-organized.


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