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Why standardized training is part of standard software


Many insurance companies still have back-end software based on 20-30 year old host systems that are no longer capable of meeting the current challenges. This poses particular challenges for insurers, as integrating the technologies in use is becoming increasingly difficult – in part, because expertise in these technologies has become scarce. Especially with regard to process automation, background processing and application lines, adapting legacy systems involves increased effort or long implementation times due to fewer resources. Faced with the need to renew their IT application landscape, insurers are confronted with the question, "make or buy?"

In order to allow insurers to concentrate on their core business, adesso insurance solutions GmbH develops standard software solutions in modern and widely used technologies for all insurance branches in the private and commercial sector.
In addition to software solutions, we also provide training solutions for our products. After all, we believe that standardized software also requires standardized training.

The in|sure Academy

For standardized training in the in|sure Ecosphere, the in|sure Academy was launched with the aim of underlining the degree of professionalization of our product strategy. We also issue personal certificates to the participants as proof of their qualification.
The target group of the in|sure Academy is not the users of the system, but all new employees at adesso insurance solutions GmbH in product development and professional service, all internal and external employees involved in the implementation of projects, as well as all employees of our customers who are responsible for long-term maintenance and continuous development.
There are three levels to the in|sure Academy. The Foundation Level contains the basics of our in|sure Ecosphere, such as our interface concepts and our product manuals. The second level is the Advanced Level, which always focuses on one product and is divided into a technical and professional approach. The last level is the Expert Level, which can also be completed on a professional or technical level and requires successful participation and certification in at least two Advanced Levels. 

But why is standardized training important?

1. Equivalent knowledge base

The in|sure Ecosphere products come with comprehensive manuals. The in|sure Academy explores the contents of these manuals in greater depth and supplements them with practical exercises.
Since several people are always involved in the introduction of these products and their ongoing development, an equivalent knowledge base is irreplaceable – both for customer projects and for in-house development. A common understanding and comparable experience promote cooperation. 

2. Being rather than seeming

Division-specific curricula describe quantitatively and qualitatively the content to be learned. At the end of the in|sure Academy, it's time to be certified. This always consists of a multiple-choice exam, which is taken at an external service provider, and for some products, there is also a final assignment, which is corrected by experts from Product Development and Professional Service. 
The goal here is not just to issue a certificate for framing, but to establish an equivalent knowledge base. The final assignment is for self-examination and reinforcement by applying what has been learned to a practical example. 

3. Positive effects

The in|sure Academy has positive side effects: Those involved in customer projects and in-house development have learned to use the same wording and now they know what is meant when insurance-related terms are being thrown around. This probably doesn't make a glossary superfluous, but it certainly makes communication about projects a lot easier.
The in|sure Academy serves as an excellent networking basis for new employees at adesso insurance solutions GmbH and for those who are involved in the projects. Experience shows that collaborative work especially promotes the transfer and deepening of knowledge, because different levels of knowledge lead to discussion and questions. New and versatile learning methods provide a quick understanding of the interrelationships involved.

4. Philosophies and ideas

The in|sure Academy is not a slide lecture, it is technical and informative training method which demands and encourages participants to interact in order to present the contents in an understandable and practical way. The training is led by experts, some of whom have developed and built the products themselves. Participants experience the philosophy and ideas behind the products up close (Click here for an experience report). 

Last but not least

Nothing replaces the experience gained in working with, customizing and integrating the software products. If the in|sure Academy introduces the team, or even individual new employees, to the same knowledge base via structured and systematic training, this significantly shortens the coordination and familiarization times. Ultimately, everyone benefits – employees benefit through faster onboarding and insurers benefit because they can rely on the in|sure Academy for basic training.

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