Standardized software with customer-specific enhancements

The main benefit is the cost-efficient acceleration of processes to ensure market-compliant speed, transparency and digital touchpoints for customers and intermediaries.

All non-customer-specific processes can be aggregated in standardized software and all customer-specific requirements can be mapped in customer-specific extensions.

Advantage modularity

Release-capable standardized software is often offered in modular form. This enables insurance companies to gradually replace legacy systems. These software modules are available as division-specific systems for life, health and property/casualty insurance. They are also available as cross-divisional systems for collection/disbursement, commission, central partner management and reporting. This modularity makes it possible to respond to the customer-specific initial and resource situation. There are often multi-year development plans in which these modules gradually replace legacy systems, depending on the customer's priorities.

Advantage migration

Using migration software that is also available as standardized software data from the old systems is migrated into the new systems and archived in an audit-proof manner so that old systems with high operating costs can be switched off.

"Freshness guarantee" advantage

Vendors maintain the standardized software and regularly deliver new functional and technical releases. In other words, the technology of the standardized software does not become obsolete (e.g. current application servers, Java frameworks, databases) and the range of functions is constantly being expanded.

Advantage of automatic OWASP Top 10 matching

Some vendors already scan all modules against the top 10 of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). These are the top 10 security vulnerabilities for web applications.

Advantage of individuality

Products, business transactions, interfaces, interface scope as well as new additional interfaces can be mapped as required in the customer-specific interfaces.

Advantage of “light-dark” setting

Insurance companies should define for themselves which processes, products and business transactions are to be carried out in straight-through or non-straight-through processing and in the process, precisely define the scope of the straight-through processing.

Advantage of swarm intelligence and potential influence.

Some providers regularly organize what are known as partnership forums. The focus is on conversations between licensees and software vendors that take place "from practical experience and for practical use". This identifies needs and includes them in the roadmap for future releases.

Advantage container technology

Regardless of the operating model, whether on-premises, cloud or hybrid with container technology, each of these variants can be mapped. Some containers are optimized for company use via established distributors.


From the insurance company's standpoint, the thesis of "process beats product" has been confirmed. Because in addition to the product, there are many other drivers of success. Just having a good or very good product is not enough.

Similar to a spider's web, a network of processes must exist around the product that catches on with customers, sales channels and in-house staff.

From the insurance company's point of view, these processes must be designed in such a way that make the company profitable. Processes must serve to generate revenue and be cost-efficient.

This is achieved by shortening development cycles and processing times and reducing costs. Preventing capital losses is also part of this process. To achieve this, processes must be regularly evaluated and optimizations made where necessary.

Insurance companies need to meet today's expectations for speed and transparency at all points of contact with customers and their distribution channels, and make their products more visible.

Insurance companies that do not appear on comparison platforms or in offer and comparison calculators do not in fact exist for some customers or brokers as they are not integrated into their process chain. It is also important to meet the process requirements of these intermediaries. One leading provider here even offers a process seal for various divisions.

This can also help to evaluate processes, provide starting points and help to compare one's own process status with the market.

If an insurance company's process evaluation results in a healthy mix of standardization and individuality, a BUY decision for standardized software with customized enhancements can be a wise, cost-efficient and future-proof decision.


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