Jugend hackt: Code connects

A young refugee who develops an app and brings people together? That is clearly the signature from Jugend hackt.

The organization has the task of promoting more diversity in the technology sector and to integrate youths who do not feel like they otherwise belong to this area: girls, youths with other genders or uneducated households, with physical impairments or with a migrant background.

That is why Jugend hackt offers so-called diversity spaces and invites youths who otherwise have only low chances of education in the technology sector. Just like Abraham!

Abraham is 19 years old and originally comes from Syria. He came to Germany in 2016 and participated in Jugend hackt for the first time last year. He told his peers that Jugend hackt is much more interesting than normal class. "Jugend hackt was my first event in Germany. Jugend hackt does not require any previous knowledge. […] at Jugend hackt, you just have to have ideas and the rest is there."



His motivation and dedication impressed the team from Jugend hackt, and they invited him to the main event in Berlin last October. Abraham already had some experience with coding and many ideas as well. Jugend hackt gave him the opportunity to combine his ideas and concepts with those from others and to create something special. "I thought my idea was somehow good as it was, but then there were new ideas and it got better and better." Together with the participants Charlotte, Anna, Melih and Büşra, he developed the Android application "Yes App". This app brings people together who share the same interests. Because during his project presentation Abraham explained: "Every stranger is a friend that you just haven't met yet."

A small video team accompanied the project, which provided an exciting insight into Abraham's experiences with and at Jugend hackt:


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