Generali uses MIGSuite to migrate term life insurance

The first product from Generali in Germany, a term life insurance from the AachenMünchener Lebensversicherung AG with natural premiums, was successfully migrated from the host system to the policy management system in|sure PSLife in a short amount of time using the MIGSuite migration solution from adesso insurance solutions.

Implementation for the project began in the middle of July. The complex technical task was managed within a few months thanks to the successful cooperation between the employees from the Generali corporation and the migration specialists from adesso insurance solutions.

"By using MIGSuite, we are able to focus on the complex functions of the migration project, which contributed to an initial installment being productively migrated within this short period of time."

         Philipp Kersting, program manager at Generali


"The project was an exciting task due to the variety of interface systems relevant to the migration. Through the flexibility of MIGSuite, we were able to connect all systems as planned together with the colleagues from adesso insurance solutions and successfully start the migration for the first contracts."

The migration process is completely automated and is independently controlled and operated by the employees from the Generali corporation.

Further installments will follow this successful start.


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